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I was one of those 20 year olds who fell into all of the personal growth seminars and books and they changed my outlook and my life forever!

I believe

that social awareness is becoming an important value of the gen X and gen Y and now the gen O, which is great because that means social justice could start to take over where a broken down legal system is failing. The "SYSTEM" is so messed up and not based on what is true or right or wrong but on what you can prove or how to not get sued. It’s about everyone covering everyone’s bottom, because our authorities are not based on character. I love watching people execute acts of faith or showing character because it is unfortunately often done at your own demise or when no one was watching.

Human desire

is so beautiful to watch. I have been blessed to see some people completely driven by passion diving straight into the unknown with no certainty of winning, but just burning with desire to come up on top. The stories I have read and the people I have witnessed in my years of mentoring has inspired me a lifetime’s worth. Humans have a spirit and a fight inside them that cannot be measured, but we often become so isolated by our own man made comforts we never get to see that giant awaken inside us. As parents we often hurt our own children by protecting them so much that they are never in a situation where that giant inside can be provoked!

I am

amazed by how many people I encounter who are so short-sighted, they don't care about solving the real issues as life presents them, only on how to handle the immediate problem. Meaning people often just want to seek resolve but not resolution, thus they are destined to repeat the same issue over and over. People are really scared to look inside themselves, because it has been so long since they have connected with their own body or quieted their mind that they are now scared to see what's inside. But if you get too far from yourself, everything will annoy you and you will not know why; but in actuality it’s your sub-conscience that is screaming for help. Therefore, causing you to justify your life away while taking the weak people down with you.

I believe in order to live up to your capacity you must decide to become "aware that you are unaware.” We need to face the fact that we have some beliefs that are limiting us, and that we didn't even choose some of these beliefs!!

Many factors play into this including our parents, our environment, our associations, etc etc. You must seek out leaders who can enlighten you as well as someone who can help you break down some walls or habits in your life. (NOT ME). I do NOT believe you will use the same mentor to grow in all these areas. "The best teacher is not one of us but all of us.” Fortunately, a great mentor can guide you to others and be a source to a source. Great leaders don't care about the credit, only the growth of the student.

Keep in mind all great mentors or coaches or pastors (people in an authority position to you) will at one point either become too weak for you to follow or too strong for you to follow.

It’s not "if" it’s "when" you will butt heads with the folks you are studying. So don't ask someone to help encounter all your weird issues with you and then get upset that they don't lead the way "you want to be lead." LOL I mean, it’s pretty amazing how many people set themselves up for failure or a big let down and blame the other person. Take charge! It’s ultimately your own decision.

I believe men are meant to take adventure and to dream with our eyes open! I believe women are meant to be captivating and destined to become a princess :) I also think the rat race and living out of balance financially kills most couples. Stay debt free. It’s hard, but we all can get there. There is a 73 % divorce rate and a lot of that is because people are working themselves out of love chasing money to pay the bills. We are not so much money hungry but the bills force us to chase money! SO simplify, downgrade, live below your means and have extra cash... get free and be prepared to help others around you.

My gosh

there is a whole world to see but most of us are so entangled and consumed with our own lives that we cannot see the big picture!! You can do this, people! You need to see things your eyes have not seen yet, smell things, taste things! On a side note, I have found that people who have traveled within are comfortable in their own skin and they make for great dinner conversations. Behold, here comes a dreamer! And if you get in my wake you will catch my dreams :)

We go from survival mode to stability mode to success mode and then to a life of significance...(if we have compassion)... if not, I believe you will find yourself right back in survival mode wondering how you keep ending up back there :)

We all have the seeds of greatness inside us. It’s time to water them. All great stories have a beginning, and today is chapter one of your epic journey :) It’s not an accident we found you because it is too easy to play small in this world if you are not around people who are also dreamers and expect you to rise up and play at the level you know you can.